I don't have a problem
YOU have a problem






pleae swatch thi sthis is my absolute favourite video please


How in the fuck does this work so well?

I was nOT ready for tha t


Is the first person in a RWBY group's team name always the leader? Because you've created OC's as part of two separate groups, and I wondered if that was a factor when choosing the team name?

According to the RWBY canon? yes.

but no it doesnt at all.

for team JDBL Bunny had made Jian and I made Luin and then there were a couple of possible name combinations that were colors. Then Aib made Drue so we then asked Val to give her character a B name

With with Team SAPS it just kinda we had Amethyst, Perle and Skye and I purely made Sullivan the leader because it was the most interesting option between him and Skye.

Because the most important thing is that the team name is a color or makes you think of a color.

probably a silly question: if you're from the bahamas, why don't you have a stronger accent? i always imagined it as something akin to Rihannas..

Rihanna’s not Bahamian

Also this is what a Bahamian accent sounds like


That’s why I chose to speak with an american accent.

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Commission for the lovely badgersinbowties as a wolf hybrid!!


what a cute patoot o3o

Elen put on some pants pls.

jkjk this is so lovely *touches screen*


Pokemon battle between Star and AxialMatt while they wear their Minecraft skins? What who drew this it wasn’t me nope *drops this and scurries off*

not gonna lie

Matt would destroy me in a pokemon battle. I’m so the contest type it isnt even funny

I'm confused about what the explosion of Ray and Tina was about, haha! Do you mind explaining?


THE STORY goes that Tina was trying to describe me to Ray and called me ‘islandy’. It ended up turning into a big joke at the time. It’s kinda faded out but I was looking at my youtube and it was hilarious.

This was back when Tina usually streamed from Ray’s place and I think this was p much right after her stream that day. I tweeted at Ray because earlier in the stream she had called me islandy again.

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Never forget

I didn't know you drew those HS icons I liked back in the day :o Cool! Curious, Are you going to read Homestuck when it ends or are you done with it?

I stopped reading homestuck about 2 years ago

I have no intention of finishing it at this point


Some cool wig projects I never posted here!

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Don’t look at me

Blame guarded-belief and goodknight2sday


Lota, the demon of stagnant lakes and stagnant hearts. Draped with a heaving web of algae and dead fish, she is the cold hand on your shoulder, siphoning day by day your vigour and vivacity. As if pulled deep underwater by her touch, no one, and nothing, seems to reach you once she has her grasp on you. The surface of the water becomes the alienating barrier between you and the world you once knew. Nothing that your loved ones do for you seems to reach you down there, where you sit curled up, wondering why you can’t summon gratitude for everything they do for you. Why nothing births excitement in you, why you stare in the eyes of tragedy and loss without a flinch, and why you harbour such distrust for every single nice word that slips from a stranger’s mouth. You’ve already forgotten the feeling of laughter, of a heart racing for the silliest of matters, of compliments that leave you flustered. Deep down at the bottom, you breath and exhale thick and cold water, tight in the embrace of the one that has robbed you of your desire to live and your ability to feel. Above, the ones you care about grow and evolve, whilst you remain unchanged and frozen, gradually fading. You hope for a trigger; for flames to choke the lake and breath back wonder into your eyes and life back into your lungs. You earn for a vigorous shake, for a slap that will jolt you awake. Yet, it never comes. You tilt your head upwards. Moving against the surface, you see multiple dancing lights. They eventually dissipate and her cheek presses against the top of your head, her long arms encircling you, and her lips whispering how much she loves you. You shrug.

For Ava’s Demon contest. I don’t usually do contests but doing this one mattered to me, in a way. I was interested in giving my issues a form, now that I’ve decided to mend myself together, replace my broken heart and try to move on. Maybe I can finally let go.

jessicanigri: These girls are so damn PURTY<3

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I need help/ advice on how to break up with a dude that I no longer like. I'm in high school, but I don't really know how to break it to him w/o being merciless (aka I never really liked you, sorry, but it's definitely over but ///nicely///)

I have no idea


My only real idea is ‘I want to break up’

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This is officially my new favorite RT life.

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