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starexorcist reopened my RWBY kimochis, so I caught up with all of it again today (plus the two S2 episodes) and rehashed this oc I’d made a while back. I never showed him off cause I didn’t know anyone that was into RWBY back then, so now after talking with Star, here he is~ I’ll do a front view later maybe. c:


it’s been about a year since the first time me and tiffanyplam drew each other’s baby girls together.

Another commission from tlovetech


I drew thing with starexorcist's baby, Elen!

AHHHHHHH I’m still working on my half but this is PRECIOUS OMG *TOUCHES SCREEN FURIOUSLY*

Commission for bubbline of her cutie RWBY OCs


Star, I have seen in somewhere that drawing without proper knowledge of anatomy can make it harder when studying it, is this true? And how do you star studying anatomy? Do you just draw the poses from an anatomy book or you learn the placement of all muscles in every kind of situation and get really deep on it? Thanks, I really like your drawings, I wanna start drawing every time I see them. :3

drawing without proper knowledge of anatomy can make it harder when studying it, is this true?

Depends on what you mean by ‘proper’ knowledge. I think you should know the basics of how ANYTHING works when you’re drawing it. There are ways of knowing anatomy outside of ‘bones and muscle’ though. You can know combinations and the such.

I usually dont draw poses from reference whether it be anatomy books or whatever. I know generally how human bodies work.

BUT you SHOULD go through and examine bone and muscle structure or your body types will tend to stagnate or look weird?

There is NO downside to knowing specific human anatomy.

Remember studied practice makes better!

BTW I got a whole bunch of the new gifs I’ll be using from tumblr user hothotmiso

Her gifs are amazing and lovely and VERY CUTE.



Star is really funny almost all the time I talk with her. Her art is to die for, her cosplays make me want to cry, and i wish I could talk more with her but I know she’s busy a lot and had other things to do—

Hey Star, how does one know if he draws good and he isn't a beginner?


This is such a vague question. Here are ways to seem and my answers since I find myself competent at art and I know I’m not a beginner:

  • How long have you been drawing? 10+ years
  • Do you have artists you admire following you for your art (that arent your friends)? I will brag forever that Jen Zee follows me on twitter and Alex Ahad follows me here on tumblr.
  • Have you ever had someone offer you a well paid art job? I work for Sanshee and draw sossaga and rather frequently get asked to do commissions etc.

Those are kinda the only things I say objectively would work as a marker for how good you are sadly?

On the other hand here are ways that CAN work that I dont trust.

  • People telling you you’re good
    people have been telling me my art was ‘omg great’ when it looked like
  • Follower Count
    I had several thousand followers from when I was a homestuck and gained another several thousand from AH/RT fans. But I guess you could say that if you’re drawing fanart from a HELLA popular fandom and you’re not getting any follows you’re probably not good?
  • NotesI’ve had art that I thought was amazing get under 200 notes and then some chicken scratch i drew get tens of thousands. Tumblr reblogs and likes are a mysterious creature.
  • How the artist themselves looks at their art.
    Now currently I’m the type of artist who can see the flaws in my own art (usually after finishing it) but back in the day I thought I was hot shit. I recognize that I’m good but I also recognize that I have a long long way to go before I’m ‘great’. Not all artists can see glaring fault in stuff like anatomy or shading so this really depends on the artist. Chances are if you don’t think you’re good? you’re probably not.
Hi your great and I found you from that HOC tagged post saying Yaya isn't the Quuen cause it's a community I agree except for the community part the way people treat those on the show is just an inflated version of what is happening all over the world in small communities like we are a bunch of hungry lions fighting for a piece of meat and occasionally mating

Thank you for your kind words but I’m gonna have to kindly ask you to fuck off a lil bit.

'we are a bunch of hungry lions fighting for a piece of meat and occasionally mating'

NO. NO NO NO NO NO. THAT kind of thinking is what makes people like Yaya get called ‘QUEEN’ in the first place. I for one am not friends with ANY cosplayers who battle for fame. All of my friends petty much do it for fun or some type of love of the hobby (i mean the proof in the pudding is that I’m a novice level cosplayer at best and I’m friends with several masters level cosplayers)

Yes there are SOME people in the community like that but no matter what the format and no matter where it is there will always be people claiming to be the best but that does NOT stop it from being a community.

Maybe a few years ago I could even slightly agree but now even I have international cosplay friends (All ver America, Japan, Korea, Germany, Norway, etc)

I cosplay for fun. Never once have I though ‘yeah I’m gonna spend hours and days and months of my life working on a costume so people will recognize me. I cosplay because I like series/characters/designs/acting as characters . To say that cosplayers all care about fame is shitty and demeaning.


I would say it’s saddening but nah

IT PISSES ME OFF that there are cosplayers who actually think like this. You know what? yeah sure there are popular/famous cosplayers.  and YES there are people in the hobby only to try and get famous. Does that change our hobby? NO.

It’s like some knitters getting pissed off because of the people who got famous for yarn bombing things.

It’s fucking stupid and childish.

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i am panromantic

i am single

i have a crush on someone

i am a loser

Don't lie katie. Didnt your mom tell you to admit your feelings for Star? -TOTALLY NOT STAR


just admit your feelings Katie