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i am panromantic

i am single

i have a crush on someone

i am a loser

Don't lie katie. Didnt your mom tell you to admit your feelings for Star? -TOTALLY NOT STAR


just admit your feelings Katie


Your outfits are so cute, but don't just say anyone can wear those outfits in your size. Check your thin privilege, please.

btw forgot to mention

All open and resent orders will be sent out tomorrow!

Sorry about the wait but My life has been crazy. Like I sat down and thought about all the general shit that’s happened to me recently and I had to go make tea because just thinking about it stressed me out;;;

Do you have an e-mail to contact when you're storenvy is down or is it just here?

I actually just made a new support email

because my main email was dumping messages in the spam box for some reason;;;

If that doesnt work then sending an ask or a tweet works.

man with all this music your posting I guess you could say your blog is getting pretty... noizi



I couldn’t resist and I’m not sorry

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*prays* Please don’t let the DMMd anime turn out like the TnC one… Please…


My sweet sweet shorty prince Hiei

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um, you mentioned Monty made a naming guide, and i tired to find it, but couldn't for the life of me and idk why. but i was wondering if you could link it or something, cause i'm really dumb. thankyou.(thistooklike45minomgwhyimsorry)




Anime/Rap Mash-up Mix

Dont Say Lazy - K On Feat.Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, The Champs & Beyonce | Swimming Inside Pools - Chuunibyou X Kendrick Lamar | Platinum Level Circulation - Avicii X Tsukihi Araragi X Nadeko Sengoku | Uragiri no Yuuyake - Durarara!! Vs. Jay Z| Blumenkanye - Kanye West Vs. Hiroyuki Sawano | Seikan Therapy - Macross Frontier X Robin Thicke | Dou Kangaetemo Watashi Wa Warukunai - Watamote X Usher | Diamonds Are Forever - Kanye West Vs. K On! | Synchro’gin - Galilei Donna X D’angelo | Pre Habits - Toradora! X Maxwell | Holozzz - Nichijou X Bon Iver | Like I Love Iu Toori - TheTatami Galaxy X Justin Timberlake | Coolish - Working!! | Dangomau5 Daikazoku - Deadmau5 X Clannad | Consolation Presents - Love Live! X Phoenix | Coloring 1 - Papa No Iu Koto O Kikinasai! X Interpol | Renai Circulation - Tupac

[listen here]



I really want that RvB poster but fuck 60$ is it printed on gold or something jfc?

SAME. Like ‘I could get three shirts instead’

Do you have any tips for making a RWBY oc?
  • Monty made a naming guide. USE IT.
  • give the character a fashionable (maybe a twinge of Japanese/Korean Street fashion) THEN add the fantasy elements.
  • Color theory is your friend.
  • If you think it’s too similar to an existic character it probably is.
  • Less detail is more.
  • try having one or two ‘highlight’ colors but keep most of the outfit neutrals.
  • If you dont know anyone that would wear it dont put it on your character

Uhm I’m sure I have more in my head but I’m exhausted