… I don’t know why I’m reblogging this picture of random people on an elevator, but okay.

The lighting is nice, although I don’t understand why everyone is so crowded at the top, look at that empty area behind the blonde in the blue tank top and grey jacket.

I looked up at my computer and I was on the “reblog” screen,
not sure why but I guess I might as well reblog it since it was up 

This was somehow important to reblog…? Maybe it has something to do with my fear of escalators idk.

This really has a lot of notes for some random picture of an escalator. Actually. How did I get to the reblog page? Why is there this line on my hand? Weird.

That chick should get off her phone. She might trip when she gets off.

The blonde chick probably has really bad BO or something for everyone else to be standing so far away…