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The first few of my style meme pieces

CLAMP was actually a huge inspiration to me when I was younger! Even now I still reference their character and costume designs when doodling. I chose to use the xxxHolic style for this :U 

ahahaha I’ve been a fan of emi’s art since the early 2000’s. I used to practice trying to draw in her style often so this was kind of fun ;v; For some reason I drew my boyfriend. Whoops did I say my boyfriend???? I meant Matthew Patel from Scott Pilgrim hehuhehuhehu The joke is that my bf got a haircut but it could totally pull off MP’s hairstyle andhehatesbeingcalledmatthewpatel

This was… interesting to say the least. Funny enough this was the hardest one to do;;;

Posted at 10.34am, on 02/04/12, with 12 notes.

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