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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you anon!!

It’s not a bother at all though!! If there’s anything else you need to know feel free to message me again :> I’d be really honored if you/your friend was to cosplay my fancytier ;v;

A) the vest is a halter top with a corseted back. for the bow it would be cool if you could gradient dye it so that the part falling over the butt ruffles was blue.
B) The cleavage window is covered with blue mesh. I envisioned the swishes of the void symbol to be embroidered but anything you want to do is fine haha
C) The edges of the sleeves and the hood can be scalloped or lace.
D)The blue part of the hood is meant to be able to be pulled over the mouth and nose.
E) The arm beads are just meant to be a very long strand of loose beads that pool around the wrist. You dont necessarily have to make sure that they go around the arm a certain number of times.

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