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The first item you see is now your strife specibi. For example, fankind, or pencilkind.

Describe what it does, how it works, and make up some alchemizations.


The first two items you see are your land. For example, the Land of Rugs and Drawers.


You now have a sprite based off of the first item you see.


Lacekind I guess kind of like a ribbon I can wrap people up in it

Land of Faygo and Mice



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    L: Phonekind; it has the ability to not work when i’m texting friends but it allows me to read fics and doujinshis on...
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    wall specibus the land of tablets and eviction notices bed sprite
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    Cankind. Uh. The Land of Candleholders and Curtains (LOCAC) Wallsprite. Balls.
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    a hammer bitches, that means my strife specibi is hammerkind. I can alchemize it with the stapler that is also...
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    MirrorKind (sounds awesome 8D) Land of Make up Okay…xD
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    Chairlegkind: A leg broken off a chair. Just swing it around at your enemies. Can be alchemized with different metals...
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    Strife Specibus: Huge Plastic Candycane-kind. Can hook it around peoples’ neck and bodies and stuff 0u0 Land of: Manga...
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    The first item you see is now your strife specibi. For example, fankind, or pencilkind. Describe what it does, how it...
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    Lampkind, uhh I guess I’ll just beat things over the head with it idek… Land of Ribbons and Peace Tea. AWWW YISSSS....
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    coinkind land of guitars and shelves boxsprite
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    Kindlekind. Land of Hamsters. Blankie.
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    pushpinkind. you could like combine that with ANYTHING and get INSTRUMENTS OF PRICKLY DEATH!! land of masks and cups...
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    CDkind. uhm. Land of DVDs and Hairbrushes Chairsprite.
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    Nailpolishremoverkind Land of Trees and Books (that actually sounds pretty nice) Pianosprite 0k
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    Pillowkind. Pillow fights? Maybe smothering? Either way I’d alchemize it with a cake and a cup of tea. Land of bowls and...
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    fuck yeah fankind the Land of Jackets and Tea I have a…purse based spirit? WELP
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    Sarah. Mellosprite? hnnnnngh Thermostatkind. I’ll turn up the temperature until everyone gets really uncomfortable and...
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    World: Land of Remote Controls and Pens… UHHHH. DR PEPPER KIND. EVERYBODY GTFO OF MY WAY. Mellosprite. Mellosprite....
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    Melodicakind. I guess I can use it lay down a few sick beats to make enemies ears bleed and probably LITERALLY BEAT THE...
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    Doode. Hardcover book stack-kind. Nothing like having a limitless supply of reading material. After all, knowledge is...
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    Desklampkind. I WILL FLING THESE BURNING LIGHTBULBS AT YOU, SO HELP ME. Also, I guess it’s kind of a helpful and not...
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    I wield wallkind. I guess I could make a spiky wall with a chain attached or something. I’ve got a big freakin’ weapon....
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    Beltkind This studded belt packs a vicious punch. I get to beat the crap out of people with a leather and metal belt. XD...
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    Pencilkind. Land of Lists and Notes Camelkind. *insert laughing gif here*
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    Speaker-Pillowkind. Giant fluffy round thing that has a speaker on one side and I guess as a weapon it could emit some...
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    Bookind — I can call out various characters from books/do magic or something/smack people with it Land of Coats and...
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    Remotekind. Control others! I can pause or play them or mute them, ect. Or press the big red button that turns the power...
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    webcamkind (a picture is part of your soul, you are forever in my computer now? {not enough memory…}) land of tablet...
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    1. Capekind! Specifically a Batman cape, so I guess it’d be Batcapekind. It would provide me with the ability to hide in...
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    -PILLOWKIND I will alchemize my stuffed animals with it. -LAND OF SUNNY-D AND NOOK-COLORS (LOSAN) -A fake flower I got...
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    I am stereo headphonekind? Land of coffee mugs and mini camera tripods And my sprite is a large canvas tote bag.
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    1: Phonekind, I guess I can use cellphone radiation to kill things? Land of Tablets and Flags. 8|a My dog is asleep on...
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    Curtainkind, can pull off all of the functions a piece of cloth can. Also good for strangling, I guess. Land of Homework...